words & Pictures

Wall-Ten: Schizomagiphrenific

My Schizophrenic Friend in "One Night", Michael K. White & Pete Fadner

The Bandersnatch 3, Gevera Bert Piedmont

Going Off My Meds for a Week, MKW & Pete Fadner

Untitled 1 & 2, Dream Meli

The Highest Level of Change, MKW & Pete Fadner

Wall-Nine: Formaphors

A General History of Labyrinths, Daniel Galef

No Daffodils, Mark Antokas

Divinations (with Derrida), Nate Maxson

Singing Her to Sleep, Winston Plowes

The Meme, Žana Brankovic

Wall-Eight: Post-Posthumanism

Shhh, Winston Plowes

Spoetry, Bob McNeil

Great Meta-Meme-Moments in Rock,

Michael K. White & Pete Fadner

Ten Endless Lessons in Endless Love, Deon Visser

This is Agony, Muhammad Auwal Ibrahim

Wall-Seven: The Revolution Will Be Individualist

Revolution, Richard Horton

The Reincarnation of Some Sons of Bitches, Colin James

White House Cleaners, Matt Dube

21 Praises to Tara, Michael K. White

Pot Crocodile, Stephen House

Wall-Six: Chyrons of Anecdotal Imbroglio

The Department of Anecdotal Evidence, Howie Good

Donio, Fin Sorrel

Halcyon/Imbroglio, Colleen June Glatzel

Chyrons Run Through My Head, Cate McGowan

Money Can Buy Us, Sahaj Sabharwal

Wall-Three: Microscapes


Angel Series, Emily Howard

Amy in the Cafe, Rose Slaton

Belong, Adi Yaakov

The Phantom, Codyak Dunham

Microscape, Meg Fitzgerald

Wall-Two: Very Different Articulations of Compassion


WTF!!, Diana Bustos

A Name, Steve Pearson

Very Different Articulations of Compassion, Alyssa Diltz

Electro Drones, J. Swann

Echo (Late Spring), Daniel Granias

Wall-One: The Portland Libretory of Collaborative Words

Gold, George, Alyssa, & Erick Vallee

Cognitive Dissonance, Ian, Billie Rae Wright, & Daniel

Cities According to a Cat in a Past Life, George, Shannon St. Hilaire, Ian

A White Umbrella as Seen by Ice,

Shannon, Ian, George

NO/YES: *Manifesto Blackout* of Dada Manifesto, Alyssa, Shannon

Wall-Zero: Strange Rebellion

Cupcake's Rebellion, Diana Bustos

Bad Eagle, Russell Bloch

Gray, Shauna Palmquist

Where Strangers Are Allowed to Meet In America, Ian Drew Forsyth

2nd and Burnside, J. Force


Wall-Two: Interviews with Authors of Afterlives of the Writers

C.S. Lewis, Alex R. Encomienda

David Foster Wallace, George Salis

Boris Vian, Rhys Hughes

Zelda Fitzgerald, Andrew Hook

Kurt Vonnegut, Treyvon Meursault