• 5th Wall Press

A Perfect Date

By Broken Gopher Ink

(a playwriting co-op, authors of "My Heart and the Real World" to which this monologue is part of)

SCENE: (A teenage girl. She is anxious but not shy.)

Okay. A perfect date.

The perfect high school date would begin in late afternoon with only a few hours before dark. The boy would pick me up in his car and have Nine-Inch Nails playing softly on his car stereo. As I got into the car he would hand me a single white rose and laughingly say, "Good morning, how are you?" While smiling and thanking him with a hug I would notice that he was wearing his black leather pants and that he had put on black eye liner. For that I would give him a kiss on the cheek and he would begin to back out of my driveway. He would then drive us out to a secret place in the country with a couple of trees and an old, abandoned camp ground. We would sit outside talking and munching on food from a picnic basket until it got dark. For the next couple of hours we would lights candles and watch the stars. I would get cold (on purpose) and he would give me his jacket. When we decided to leave we would pack everything up and go to McDonalds by way of the drive-thru. He would tease me about my "meatless Big Mac" as we drove to his house. When there, we would sit in his living room and watch a movie. I would fall asleep on his couch and he would put a blanket over me, then finish watching the movie. When the movie was over he would wake me up to take me home before my curfew. We would spend forever on my front porch hugging each other goodbye because we didn't want the night to end. Finally he would end this perfect date with a shy kiss on my forehead and a "goodnight sweetheart" and I would walk to my bedroom and fall asleep with my head in the clouds.

(She drifts off the stage.)