Zen & The Art Of Jim Jarmusch's Paterson

There will be stillness.

Things will allude to things. Like twins.


“No ideas but in things,”

said William Carlos Williams.


The humor, deadpan

The dreams, real



No ideas but in characters

says Jarmusch


Poetry may be the only salvation

of the mundane.


The epic poem Paterson, by William Carlos Williams

shows a washed-up Paterson, New Jersey


A Whitman-esque The Wasteland

for the industrial everyman


Though the ideas,



The ideas,

too modernist.


The film Paterson, by Jim Jarmusch

is the modern American equivalent

of sitting down

to meditate.


A film is a city

and there are no ideas but in characters.



Paterson is a 2016 film by Jim Jarmusch about a bus driver named Paterson who writes poetry inspired by William Carlos Williams.