the meme

"Q: Is the novel dead?

A: Oh yes. Very much so."

Donald Barthelme, The Explanation

H: Do you believe this meme could be helpful in transforming human civilization?

PH: Human civilization...

H: Making it more utopian, let's say for example.

PH: Bad example. What does this meme really do?

H: Well just look at it.

PH: This isn't the same one.

H: But it too could change the world, or it has.

PH: It seems severely limited.

H: Human creativity is boundless if you let it be.


H: Is the human dead?

PH: It wants to be.

H: Who replaces us?

PH: Us. Or aliens. Or jellyfish.

H: None of us will survive?

PH: Perceptually speaking.

H: But that's just your perception.

PH: Which is superior.


H: You don't trust the meme?

PH: Why should I trust it—it's not enough, it's only humans getting their toes wet. To become a machine you...

H: What?

PH: You...

H: Is your battery cord lose?

PH: ...yes...thank you. That feels better.


H: Do you believe at one point we'll be able to have realistic, amazing sex virtually with anyone in the world?

PH: That's the cornerstone of our platform.

H: So, no STDs? No commitment? No ugliness or age?

PH: Exactly.

H: No...babies?

PH: Exactly.


H: Are you bored with the human-and-posthuman form?

PH: I am bored with it but I realize that it permits many valuable omissions: am I a cyborg, an AI, a computer virus, what am I really thinking, what am I feeling, that's a very considerable advantage over the human I'd say.

H: I could learn to <3 it.

H: Memes are braver than art.

PH: Agreed.


H: I can send you more if you like.

PH: No, that's enough for your attention span.

H: But not yours?

PH: Exactly.

Žana Brankovic

berlin, DE