The rise and Fall of Me-Me-memoir

In the age of the instantaneous, the 1st person point of view has gone viral. After all, what is social media but social memoir in its worst form. We cannot only blame the internet for the rise of this journalism of self-importance: the origins of social memoir can be traced back to the French Symbolists' fictional 'I' and the Modernists' everyday, yet elitist, stream-of-consciousness; from the explosion of Creative Writing programs following WWII to the ossification of the American literati's power hold over memoir and the Raymond Carver effect. We are told that this is all for the greater good of realism and literature. That somehow tapping into the sensationalization of the mundane in a form that drones on and on in an authoritative style will at last capture the reality of everyday America. We see it from the stronghold of Updike’s New England to Iowa City's death-grip on the authentic. No more glorification of the wholly unoriginal everyday-I. Fuck the Garrison Keillors of this world!