We accept the following online submissions (and little else):

Words: clickbait (listicles, charticles, multiple choice, etc.), hallucination, nested parentheses, kitchensinks, no daffodils (narcissi and pataphors OK), calligrammes, finds, intellectually transmitted diseases, troll lit, and the instantaneous. It is dangerous to submit memoir.

Pictures: memes (cat, nihilist, conceptual, etc.), chimeras, interdimensionality, infinitism, no fruit bowls (nudes and otheries OK), bricolage, readymades, viruses, depersonalization, and the immediate. And no more masterpieces of any kind.

Send your online submission in the format of .doc/x, .odt, .pdf, .jpg, or hyperlink for film to: 5thwallpress@gmail.com

We're open to all unsolicited submissions and there are no fees. Pieces that are (1,000 words/10 images/10 minutes) or less are more likely to be accepted, but if you can keep us interested past that: please do. After all, we want you to make words & pictures as ambitiously as possible.

If your previously-unpublished work is selected for publication in our online magazine, we obtain the non-exclusive right to display your words or pictures online on our site and on Facebook (or Youtube for video). We accept simultaneous submissions and we will take words and pictures that have appeared in other magazines online if the site is no longer up (and you maintain the rights to do so). We do not offer compensation, nor do we plan on anthologizing online work in print. See open calls for print anthologies if you're looking to appear in print. 

We accept the following book submissions (and little else):

Books: allegory, the polyphonic, historypunk, epater-le-bourgeois-esque, exaggerated fringe realism, künstlerroman, the collaborative, quantum plotting, rants, hyper-minimal/maximal-istic fragmentation, formaphors, post-posthumanism, mirco-utopias, nano-bohemias, hysterical scholastic maximalism, post-post-irony, and the unexpected. Anything the Big 5 or the Ivory League want, we want nothing to do with.   

Send your query and the first 5 pages of your book in the format of .doc/x, .odt, or .pdf to: 5thwallpress@gmail.com

There are no word, image, or format limits.

The specifics of each book contract will be negotiated before each launch. The general format for individually authored books will see authors receive 50% or more of all book sale profits after initial advertising costs are covered, which will be kept low. Percentages on book sale profits for collaboratively authored books will be determined by number and contribution of combined authors or artists. We cannot offer advances at this point. Nor can we guarantee that books will sell to profit generating levels.


Ian Drew Forsyth is a poet, novelist, filmmaker, de/construction based artist, frontman of the uns, unaccredited bohemian historian, & micro-utopian advocate. His work has appeared in theNewerYork, Literary Orphans, Counterexample Poetics, Polyphony, and others. He studied ambitious-as-possible undergrad poetry under the tutelage of experimental poet/professor Bruce Beasley. And now refuses to get an MFA unless he's paid for it, and even then it's debatable. He lives and works as a self-employed house painter (falling under the emerging post-post-subcultural trend of Tradecore) in Portland, Oregon as Authenticity Markets continue to slide into decadent foodie sloth and indiekitsch post-subcultural values strangle and cannibalize all hippetitors. His next novel, Hypelandia (Coming Jan. 2019), verifies the onslaught of hypergentrified identity based marketing from Portland to Detroit.