ten endless lessons in endless love

1. Neatly wrapped in blood-satin velvet plastic:

Endless love is promised as edible confectionary,

perishable and meltable—

So unenduring and finite a vessel

(for a thing supposed infinite and boundless)


2. Post-interconnected-humans and

3. Consumerism

presume that 4. persistent affection

can be captured in 5. perishable plastic heart-shaped boxes

or 6. re#ed digital <3 you 4EVS


Where 7. feigned sweet sustenance and

8. the sincere individuality of mass production

communicate less and less

about ending less love, and

more + more about:


9. the if-conditional

9.5 guilty conscience

9.75 stifled innovation

and 10. perishable plastic waste.

land of milk and honey, Adi yaakov

deon visser

His writing site

Songkhla, Thailand

adi yaakov

Her art tumblr

berlin, Germany

note: Pairing made by 5th wall press