electro drones

CC BY-SA 4.0: Grafiker61

Sitting in the railroad station with a computer in my hand
who are you anyway you box with a million names
eating human attention like Godzilla on the skyscraper with the beauty
chick in his hand
how is it that the box stands between me and reproduction but my girl
says if I don't have one she isn't going to remember my name


This is how a computer says I love you

Eight letters and eight bits for each letter, the ascii code

is the rosetta stone of machine language transformed into human letter symbols.

Codes upon codes but the little box speaks ascii and it
doesn't understand english or french or spanish, it is on and then it is
on. It is a voltage spike and no voltage spike.

0100 1001 is   I
0100 1100       L
0100 1111         O
0101 0110        V
0100 0101       E

0101 1001        Y
0100 1111         O
0101 0110        U

so when the day arrives and your operating system says it loves you
and you prefer the imitation over the original, repeat after me


Bellingham, WA