Cities according to a Cat in a Past Life

*Multiple Witnesses*

I remember every alley in this town.

The smells linger:

marinated memories of past doings.

I know their scent but not their meaning.

Somethings don't travel well between lives.

Here's a list of things that do:

catnip. I took a whole baggie with me. Delicious.

My sense of belonging. I own these streets.

You. I still own you. I know your secrets.


You watch television like it's going out of style.

You think I don't understand laser pointers. I do.

You think you live one life, and then you die.

And for most of you: it's true,

your cities get in the way.


*Subject and POV drawn from a hat by first co-lab-er; then passed around the group*

1. George

2. Shannon St. Hilaire

3. Ian Drew Forsyth