Our first 5th Wall Anthology

Afterlives of the Writers

Multiple Authors

Imagine a fictional world in which all your beloved (or despised) dead writers get one last swan song from beyond the grave. Do they find themselves in "heaven", "hell", or something far more strange? And will they ever get around to answering some of literature's greatest mysteries for us.

Find out which 22 writers are featured

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Our Flagship Novel

The Great Chaining of Being

Ian Drew Forsyth

Three bohemians from the past—a Machiavellian philosophe, a debaucherous malcontent, and a tortured poet on the edge of oblivion—struggle to assert their vision of utopia against an ever-expanding transhumanist future. Through many lives, they will offer an alternative to a digitally immortal, eternally young, and infinitely free society—a society that happens to be consuming the past in order to survive.

"In brief, imagine Rimbaud's Bateau ivre with a crew of Transhumanists, Infinitists, Situationists, Multimoderns, ressurectionists, 

Micro-Bohemians, and habitues rowing and rowing, intending never to arrive. It's a dizzying array alright, but not without a there there, 'there' being a marvelous construction that dares to dare."

—Jacob Boas 

Writer's Block: The Paris Antifacist Congress of 1935

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