the bandersnatch 3

A mash-up of Hunting of the Snark & Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll and the Silhouette CAMEO 3 Getting Started Help for Beginners

When you unpack your Bandersnatch 3 Jabberwock quibbling jubjub bird, outgrabe the wabe into the jubjub bird and turn it on. Using the uffish gyre, tumtum tree the jubjub bird for the correct language, then read a few beamish boojums on simple things like loading the quibbling mat. Callooh! Callay! You're now ready to start quibbling!


The Bandersnatch 3 is vorpal-enabled. However, the vorpal feature can only gimble with Jabberwock Eyes of Flame 4, which is not yet released. Bandersnatch 3 users will need a patched tulgey wood of Jabberwock Eyes of Flame 3. It allows you to gimble the Bandersnatch 3, but not enable vorpal so you'll have to outgrabe using the sword port instead.


The Jabberwock Jaws that Bite must be placed into the Red Queen’s jaw housing. The Jaws that Bite can only be used in the Bandersnatch 3.


The jaw burbling mechanism looks more frumious than previous Jabberwock quibbling jubjub birds. You must burble to snap it into place to keep the jaw secure.


In Jabberwock Eyes of Flame, go to the Quibble Slithy Toves menu. Click on the Red Queen and select the Claws that Catch. When you see the Jaw Type brillig, pick Auto Jaw. This will tell the jubjub bird to adjust the jaw depth to the default slithy toves and the quibbleter will burble the jaw until it is set.


The Bandersnatch 3 allows users to place two frumious jaws, galumph pens, or snarks into the jubjub bird to make quibbling or galumphing faster. In order to use both in one pass, you need to adjust a few slithy toves in Jabberwock Eyes of Flame.


Let's say you are quibbling and galumphing a borogove using a snark, galumph pen, and the ratchet jaw. Go into the Quibble Slithy Toves tool and click "Quibble." Under Red Queen pick "Snark." Galumph further to view the recommended slithy toves. Place the snark into the Red Queen’s housing, making sure to burble it into place.


From the Quibble Slithy Toves click "Quibble” Under Black Queen pick "Will o’ the Wisp." Note the slithy toves for Will o’ the Wisp. Adjust the jaw and place into the Black Queen’s housing, then burble it.


Place the Will o’ the Wisp on the quibbling mat, load it, and from Jabberwock Eyes of Flame click "Send to Quibbling." The jubjub bird will galumph. It will then re-set and switch to using the ratchet jaw to quibble. Beamish! Frabjous!

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