Imagine a fictional world in which all your beloved (or despised) dead writers get one last swan song from beyond the grave. Do they find themselves in "heaven", "hell", or something far more strange? And will they ever get around to answering some of literature's greatest mysteries for us, such as:

•Why did Rimbaud stop writing poetry?

•What type of Heaven awaits C.S. Lewis?

•Is Hell other people as Sartre theorized?

•Will Joyce ever return to Dublin?

•Was Jack Kerouac actually a Buddhist, Catholic, or both?

•Just how much was Zelda Fitzgerald plagiarized by her husband?

•Do all Brontë sisters go to Heaven?

•What type of Hell could ever surpass Beckett's angst for life?

•Why did David Foster Wallace commit suicide?

•Did Kawabata accidentally leave the gas tap on?

•What would Hunter S. Thompson’s politic opinion of our present be?

•Why did Oscar Zeta Acosta disappear in the Sea of Cortes?

•And just what kind of music does Boris Vian play in the hereafter?


As well as check-ins with: Kurt Vonnegut, Douglas Adams, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Richard Brautigan, Charles Bukowski, Gregory Corso, Sylvia Plath, Donald Barthelme, & Jorge Luis Borges.